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Thursday, September 29, 2005


I've been waiting for ages for Zap2It to go RSS.

Here is their feed.

About time.


Wow, Lost never disappoints. I thought I had seen the circle image on the shark, my wife said I'm getting nuts. She said, honey maybe you want to think your seeing things. Today, I see other people saw it too. Phew, I'm not crazy. This show is way past normal, it could end up being my all time favorite show.

I loved what they did by showing what happened in between scenes from last week. Brilliant. It doesn't appear that Desmond recognizes Jack though. He saw him in the telescope and then asked Locke, who is that? Maybe it was hard to see him good through that telescope, but I don't know. It's so crazy, we need some big answers. Kate scarfed down those candy bars. I think we all would have in her situation, but I'm not so convinced that was smart. Who knows what is in that food. It's nuts to see that this guy has electricity and music, and food, all the while above ground they have nothing.

I can't wait till next week, but I think Hurley has more to do with this then we know yet.

Law and Order was real good. They captures the hipness of SVU in an episode of the original. The new ADA is really starting to grow on me, I really dig her. I hated the last one, she was so uptight. This one is much more up Jack's alley and she reminds me of Angie Harmon's character.

Martha Stewart was blah again. I really don't like her. If not for my wife, I would have switched to something else by now for sure. If not for the JIM fight's this show would have nothing at all. Once he is "let go" it's gonna be a bore-fest.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

NCIS,Earl, Office, & SVU

First let's start with last night.

Arrested Development was very very funny. I did notice the intro change, that wasn't so cool. But the show was seriously on its game. Every single line was funny, is that even possible? Yes, it was. Every SINGLE line was hysterical. I didn't stop laughing for 22 minutes.

Funniest line for me was towards the end. Bob Loblaw. I didn't stop laughing for ten minutes.

Next, I'm here to tell you it's official, How I met My Mother is funny. Very well done. Cute, hip, it really can be the modern version of Friends, without looking like its trying to hard to BE THE NEXT Friends. I really enjoyed this show. If you are still deciding, try out one episode, download a torrent and check it out. It's really really funny. In a cool way :-)

Ok, Prison Break. Whoah! Really intense. Fast moving, story took some serious twists. Even thought there are tons of "oh come on, you expect me to believe that" moments, there are plenty more, "wow, what is he going to do now?" moments to back it up. This is a very good show, and I think it will stick around

I didn't end up watching CSI, I don't know why, but I can't. Maybe I feel loyal to L & O, who knows. I just can't. I ended up watching 2 episodes of Family Guy at TBS.


8PM - CBS - N.C.I.S

This show rocks, it's fun, quick moving, smart and really keeps you interested in the story. There is something very cool about Mark Harmon, and they way they moved all the pieces last week was brilliant. I'm dying to see the conclusion to last weeks episode Titled Kill Ari Part 1

9PM - NBC - My Name Is Earl

I missed part of the premiere last week, with Big Brother's finale. (Maggie sucks! Kayser Rocks!) From what I saw it was really funny, and it did well in the ratings. I'm excited to see my first full episode and judge it fully on my own.

9:30PM - NBC - The Office

I did not see the original BBC version, but this show rocks. To me it's like a TV version of one of my favorite movies, "Office Space" Everything about this show is hysterical and the jokes are so dark sometimes it hurts to laugh. Steve Carall looks like he lost some weight, which only makes him look like a meaner weirdo boss.

10PM - NBC - L&O: SVU

This is by far the best L& O, I love all the 4 main lead detectives. I really do enjoy the cross over stuff, because I love that my favorites shows share a universe. I think they had the right idea last season with all the cross over stuff on Trial By Jury, but 4 shows of the same thing was just too much. I would ave suggested ditch Criminal Intent, but now that Chris Noth is on there, I guess TBJ was the only thing that could have gone. I'm glad to see the continued with the case running through two shows thing. I'm excited for the show tonight.


#1 - If Geena Davis's show isn't creamed in the ratings by House, Amazing Race, Earl & Office &
Supernatural I will be shocked. This is one of my pics as early canceled shows of the season. It looks super dumb, and I am embrassed for her. Really. Uch. It looks so pretenious and fake exciting. Please let it die in peace, don't give it any love.

#2 - NBC will regain some street cred with it's Tuesday night lineup, at least from 9PM and on. It has some solid shows and I think Tuesday is quickly becoming the new Thursday.

Monday, September 26, 2005

What I'm Watching Tonight - Monday

8:00 PM
I'll be watching (of course) Arrested Development. I love this show, one of the top comedies on TV. It's a shame this won't be around next year. The first week ratings were awful. So, enjoy it while you can.

I watched this last week, and even thought it wasn't too amazing. It was funny, a lot of cute lines, and I enjoyed the twist at the end. I can see this getting better. I'll let you know tomorrow.

9:00 PM
Prison Break, I like this show, but it's very hard to swallow a lot of what they tell us. I really wonder how it will all turn out and if it stays decent in the ratings what would they do for a season 2. I think once they break out the show will really pick up. Let's wait and see.

Nothing I like is on at this time, I'll see, maybe I'll catch an episode of CSI: Miami and see if I like it.

Sunday 9/25 - Recaps

8:00 PM - The WB - Charmed

OK, I got ripped off, I didn't remember that for some dumb reason The WB premiered Charmed at 7:30PM, instead of 8. What's the point of that? Now to be fair, looking back now I remember seeing the promo announcing the early time, but who can remember something like that with so many other shows starting. It's a really dumb move, and it's expecting too much from it's fans.

From the 1/2 hour I did see, I saw that I was right on the money. It certainly did have that "we thought this was gonna end last year" vibe to it. The story felt very drawn out and it was very odd to see "MR. SMITH" being all flirty with Alyssa Milano's character which is about as opposite of Kim Cattrall's look as possible. The reactions of the newspaper crew to phoebe's "death" was way overplayed, and everything had a too convenient feel to it, even for a Charmed episode.

8:30- FOX - The War At Home

Since Charmed ended at 8L30, I had a chance to watch this show again. It premirered a couple weeks ago, and since nothing else was on yet, I've been watching. I must say it's a really dumb programing decision to roll out the red carpet at 8:30 and practically beg people to try something else out. This gave me the chance To see The War at Home.

My wife 1st discovered this, I've seen that it's gotten a bad rap for being to much like married with children. but I think that it actually channels Married With Children in a good way, and to me it's like an updated version. This show gets funnier each week, and it's building it's characters very well. I may dump Charmed and watch "The Simpson's" and "The War At Home" from 8-9.

9:00 PM - ABC - Desperate Housewife's

This show is funny. It really is, I know it can be cheesy and it can be very over the top but damn if it isn't funny as hell. Some of the funniest moments:

- The show starts off with us watching Bree waiting by the table with her phone, staring at the clock which is around 8:45 AM. Meanwhile we keep seeing how the other housewives are doing the same morning, and ads their drama's unfold the clock slowly edges to 9AM, otherwise known as proper etiquette to call someone's house in the morning. As far as I recall you don't call before 9AM or after 9PM. We keep seeing clocks all over wisteria Lane keep getting closer and closer to 9AM. Finally the clock strikes 9 and Bree lifts the phone makes the call to tell them the bad news that Rex is Dead.

- On a final interview Lynette is with her potential manager and what looks like the company head, the manager is a women who never settled down and made it painfully clear to Lynette that SHE decided business was the only family she would have. Then made Lynette promise her own family would never come before work. When Tom's back is thrown out, she has to take the baby to the final interview and that was a really funny scene that ended in Lynette changing the babies diaper on the executives couch, and ends up getting the job for her great speech. We see the set up for the potential fights Lynette will have with her female manager. Maybe even some possible flirting with her new company boss, which could be feeder for Tom getting jealous and as usual I'm sure hilarity will ensue :-)

-Bree's mother in law comes to town and makes Bree nuts. The complete opposite, nasty, emotions on her sleeve, impractical and she has this -d awful orange tie from Rex's prep school year days that she wants him to be buried in. Bree obviously says no since he is being buried in a blue suit and that horrible orange tie will not match. Later during the end of the funeral Bree walks by the casket and see's somehow her mother in law has sneaked the orange tie onto him. She stops the funeral and makes Tom give her his tie, and while tons of people are sitting there, she changes Rex's tie in his casket. Another outlandish, but very funny moment.

- Bree's Mother in Law gives Bree's son one her of Rex's old playboy's. Bree's son makes a comment about "thanks now I now my father liked large breasts" where Rex's mother says, yes, I know that's why we were all shocked when he married your mother" OUCH

- Finally, the resolution of the hostage thing with Zach, Susan and Mike was majorly anti climatic and ended to neat, too quick with minimal lasting consequences.

8:13 - ABC - Commercials

ABC shows some guts by using this very expensive piece of air time real estate to air a spot for the Geena Davis show, where she is the "FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT" I'm going to make a bold move here and declare this show will get canceled. Very. Quick.

10PM - NBC - Crossing Jordan

Woody was being way too harsh/mean on Jordan. Yes Jordan jerked him around for 2 years with regard to her own feelings, but Woody just seemed uncharacteristically harsh, which may have been the point. Showing a darker side of him. But hello, the man's name is Woody and it's Jerry O' Conner, he doesn't do "angry dark side" well. He's the light nice guy.

THE FONZ ALERT!! What's the deal with Henry Wrinkler, is he hard up for cash? He's everywhere this year. He's finishing his stint on Arrested Development, and is on Crossing Jordan playing the current Chief M.E. and on the new "Just Legal" which sounds better than it looks.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

What I'm Watching Tonight - Sunday

Sundays have become a bit of a blah for me. There isn't anything so mega exciting on Sunday's anymore. My wife likes News shows and extremely cheesy reality. I like regular reality, is there a difference? Probably not.

So from 7PM to 8PM, Sixty Minutes is on, unless of course she is doing something else, in that case it's on ESPN watching Chris Berman recapping the day's football games.

At 8PM I watch Charmed. I'm not so excited about it this year, because this seasons plot sucks. Its like that last year of Buffy, everyone thought the year before was going to be it, so it felt all wrapped up, then they had another year so they did some dumb stuff. It smells like they are looking for a spin off with the 8 simple rules girl. I think that's a bad idea. I'm not interested in that Sex and the City character, and I'm just not pumped about the whole thing.

I will continue to watch it, but if it sucks, I'm going to just read the scripts (ill link that later) and start watching something else. I don't know what else though. I liked West Wing the first season, then it sucked, and I wasn't into it. Last season I started watching it again, I might switch over to that, but again, it isn't exciting me.

Of course, The Simpson's is also on, which is always good, and The War At Home, isn't SOO bad, (it isn't great, but it's watchable.) Cold Case, NO WAY. I'm already watching too many crime shows, and this one is just blah. Extreme Makeover is really good, but again, not dying to watch it over anything else. I'll just wait till summer when they religiously repeat that show.

9PM is Desperate Housewives. I myself am not soo into it, it's fun, but it's my wife's show. She enjoys it, so we compromise. It's not bad, and it has a great mystery feel to it, when they aren't doing outlandishly dumb things. If my wife didn't like it, I'd definitely watch Law and Order C.I. I loved Chris Noth's character, Det Logal is one of the best cops they've had on this show. In fact, I think Sunday's new episode is repeated the following sat night around midnight or 11PM, I'll have to find out for sure, otherwise I'll download the torrent of it.

Family Guy I believe is repeated on Cartoon Network, if anyone knows anything about this repeat times, please let me know.

At 10PM is Crossing Jordan, which stars another L & O alum I liked. Nothing else is really on at 10, and the truth is, this is another show I never really fell in love with. Between the L & O alum, and Jerry O' Connel and the guy who plays Nigel, it's watchable.

So that's Sunday, Ill be writing tomorrow about what I thought of tonight's shows.

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I've been following sites like TV Squad & TVGasm for a while and I love them. Then I thought, I love TV, I love watching it, and I love commenting on it. So why don't I start my own little corner where I can post my thoughts on my favorite shows too. Well, the rest is history, here I am.

Some of the shows I will be covering on this blog are:

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